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It may be a strange world but it provides me with enough excitement. It is both a blessing and a curse to be wired up differently. To be constantly driven to seek the reality we cover with our comforting illusions and in the end to know that there is little we can control, least of all ourselves. All that we can hope to do is try to work for the common good in the messy tangle that the universe throws at us. In the end, we can not say we have done our best, only that we had a go and that a few lives may have been better because we were here.


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Playing my guitar at Polesworth Abbey Refectory

Where Donne, Drayton and Johmson shared their poetry









the handbook for asserting your navigation rights now published


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National Register of Asserted PRN's now online

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Medieval Navigation Laws


Watch the common and statute law in action over the Plantagenet centuries


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Current Case Law

A review of how the law has developed since the repeal of Magna Carta 23 in 1970