Andy Biddulph

"All for oneself and none for others has ever been the vile creed of the rulers of mankind." --

What is Defra?

 Defra is more than a government department. It is the rule by the landed gentry for the landed gentry, whose forelock-tugging minions roll the juggernaut of self-interest over the rule of law and the rights of the British people, saying, "They have 2000 km of industrial drains in which to canoe. Why do they need to intrude into the 68000 km of rivers that flow through the land that the respected ancestors of our masters stole from the common people. Defra has a balanced policy. This is the balance our masters prefer."

Adam Smith

Defra's tentacles extend far beyond their formally defined role. Any enquiry to other departments are passed to Defra when Defra's interests may be involved. Even enquiries to the Home Office about law and order issues were persistently handed to Defra because fishermen (Richard Benyon's tenants) were involved.

Rolling back the Juggernaut .

In response to a recent freedom of information request Defra revealed that they had not taken any legal advice whatsoever on the matter of navigation.

Open Letter to Richard Benyon


Dear Mr Benyon,


No one cares about the detail of the justification of your policies on navigation until you can show by what authority you reject the rule of law by ignoring legislation and the judgement of the High Court.


Yours Sincerely


Andy Biddulph.

A petition to Parliament asked Defra to tell us by what authority they held policies that are contrary to legislation and current case law. They could not do this. Their failure is an admission that they have no authority. River Access for All are organising a letter to MPs campaign. Please write to your MP asking them to press Defra for a proper reply to the question in the petition.

Keith Day of River Access for All asked the Attorney General to provide Defra with some legal advice. This, as usual, was passed straight to Defra. Their response was to claim that the law is uncertain. I sent them an e-mail clarifying the situation and I am awaiting their reply.

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